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[Reading] Linux Firewalls

Compare to other books about iptables, it focus on detection and response an attack using iptables under Linux, while most other linux firewalls books introducing how to use iptables.

Some tools using in this book:

  • iptables: firewall tool part of Linux kernel since 2001.
  • psad: An iptables log analyzer and active response tool.
  • fwsnort: A script that translates Snort rules into equivalent iptables rules.
  • fwknop: An implementation of Single Packet Authorization (SPA) for iptables.

iptables vs. Netfilter

iptables uses the Netfilter framework to hook functions designed to perform operations on packets into networking stack. Netfilter is providing the framework on which iptables builds firewall functionality.

Book Information:

Linux Firewalls
Attack Detection and Response with Iptables, Psad, and Fwsnort
By Michael Rash · 2007

ISBN:9781593271411, 1593271417
Page count:308
Publisher:No Starch Press
Author:Michael Rash

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